Current price of the dollar against the Euro, Yen. Cost of Euro --Dolar. Forex Investment

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The current price of the dollar had a negative number to download and mark its lowest level over the past 5 months against the Euro and also report negative figures against the Yen, in spite of positive data were published in relation to the economy U.S.The current price of the Euro against the dollar was quoted at $ 1.3634 compared to $ 1.3629 the previous day, just as the price of the dollar versus the Euro traded at 0.7335 versus euro 0.7337 Euros to the previous day, while the current price of the dollar against the yen traded at 83.47 yen compared to 83.64 yen from the previous day.The current price of the dollar had low against the Canadian dollar appreciated while against the Swiss franc and sterling.The different contributions in this conference were well on the FOREX:
Euro / Dollar 1.3634 1.3629
Dollar / yen 83.479 83.647
Dollar / Pound 0.6365 0.6336 Est
Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.9826 0.9770
Dollar / Canada Dollar 1.0288 1.0340