Experienced Forex Traders

Sunday, April 25, 2010

If you are an experienced trader then you'll fall in love with these unique trading strategies, and will probably end up getting much of your profits from these strategies. Robert recently received a phone call from a Professional Fund Manager (one of those people who work for a big company trading on behalf of a large pool of investors). He called with a clarification question, and to congratulate him on the "*RAPID FOREX*" package (in particular the " FOREX Surfing " techniques). He told me that his company regularly buys any trading packages that becomes available to see what the techniques are incase they might learn something to be even more profitable in their trades for their clients. He stated that most training packages out there are a big waste of money, even scams, but he was surprised to find such useful techniques in the "*RAPID FOREX*" package. He declared that they will definitely be using these strategies for their clients - the same strategies you can now be using for yourself.

We've developed these various proprietary step-by-step strategies over a year of noticing some interesting things that happen in the markets very often (many times each week), and tried to figure out ways to profit from them. After pondering over the possibilities sooner or later a bright light went off in our heads and EUREKA! We figured it out! We then test out the strategies to make sure they work. For example we went right ahead and tried one of the strategies and made 30 pips in less than 5 minutes! (Lots of Money) We could have gotten more but we just wanted to test out the systems. We then continued to refine the strategies until they became "killer strategies" to consistently capture 20 to 150 pips, or even more, often many times a week! (Lots and Lots of Money)