Dollar and yen rise in price on Forex

Thursday, November 11, 2010

U.S. dollar and the yen rise in price against the euro and other most actively traded currencies of the world amid falling stock market. Markets expect the regulators in many countries to impose restrictions on the transfer of capital . World Bank President Robert Zoellick said earlier that the emerging economies have difficulties due to excessive influx of "hot money" in their markets. Taiwan has already announced plans to curb the inflow of foreign investment, and investors fear that many countries in Asia and Latin America to follow suit, according to Interfax . Stock exchange Comex division of the CME increased the threshold requirements for futures trading in silver from $ 5 thousand to $ 6,5 thousand, "Tightening the requirements of the CME to trade silver futures intended to limit the speculative money flows" - believes director of foreign exchange department of Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank Yuji Saito . Rate of the euro on Wednesday fell to $ 1.3763 from $ 1.3773 yesterday. In tandem with the yen the single European currency fell to 112.41 from 112.52 yen. 1 dollar yield 81.75 yen against 81.69 yen at the close of trading yesterday.