Fore Market comes to life

Saturday, September 18, 2010

After active session Tuesday to Wednesday, 15 September, and Thursday, Sept. 16, the Forex market has come calm - it is time for reflection. Of course, before there was a notable event - the Bank of Japan broke another scheme of carry-trade the dollar-yen, and now players will have to seek new opportunities, but are often riskier than the conservative "American and Japanese.

Incidentally, the first impulse to weaken the yen did not receive continuation. A pair dollar / yen the second trading day just above level 1985 yen / dollar. Apparently, the strengthening of the yen resumed after the players recover from the shock. The reason may be renewed expectations of hyperinflation of the dollar, and it is against the backdrop of deflation yen. To preserve capital players once again start to buy an extremely conservative currency.

At the same time, the most traded pair euro-dollar mark hangs on to $ 1.3 \ euro. Fresh statistics from the U.S. had not given clear u4kazany about the direction of motion, and on Thursday the players will wait for new data. Chances are, after all the shocks it would prefer to return to the good old U.S. life business and leave Europe.