FXCM Strategy Trader, providing more advanced automated trading online forex and CFD trading

Saturday, September 18, 2010

LLC Holdings FXCM is a global giant, free in-one solution for automated forex trading, Strategy Trader **recently announced. Strategy Trader provides customers a single platform, coding strategy, the implementation of advanced back-testing, optimization analysis run more, and you can do business.Automated trading in recent years has increased very popular, it has good reason. One is to eliminate the emotional factors associated with specific trading decisions. The traders, make transactions 24 hours a day on the other hand, are freed from the need to constantly monitor the market looking for trading opportunitie.new platform is considered one of the most innovative retail products in the marketplace." And, FXCM trading system, vice director of the company stated Rupan Randy. "In one package, display historical data and advanced analysis, not only can run in an integrated way and not have to pay that is the unrivaled value proposition for active traders. "Trader Strategy is, FXCM's No Dealing Desk system integrates seamlessly conduct foreign exchange trading, and the external API, so software eliminates the need for bridges, other than the automated forex trading platform, you can run fast and efficient . Trader Strategy will also be updated every tick it provides significantly more than the price data platform that is updated every second. It occurs more often ticks per second, this feature may significantly increase the number of potential trading opportunities.In addition, Trader Strategy is to provide historical data on 500,000 customers from the bar above that, the BID and ASK price is performed on both the back test. The report also own at least 40 performances, so you can easily access, but you can understand my potential strategies in real market conditions. In addition, Strategy Trader allows traders to access the tools, so genetic walk-forward optimization comprehensive, based on past performance, you can learn quickly and setting parameters and the most optimized strategy.